Markets and Value Added Services

Wesco Market Overview

Our experience throughout the years has allowed us to build expertise in critical market segments delivering turnkey solutions for our customers. Some of our markets include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Power Generation
  • Vending
  • Smart Grid
  • Water Treatment
  • Food Equipment
  • Industrial Controls
  • Electronic Devices
  • Automation
  • Mobility
  • Medical Devices
  • Motor Drives
  • Renewable: Wind and Sun Energy
  • Lighting

Value Added Services

Inventory Management
Wesco is not a traditional off-shore manufacturing company. Our focus is to support product demand in an effort to alleviate unwanted shipping of finished goods. By leveraging a larger component spend we can successfully manage customers inventory needs in which we stock long lead-time items. This practice allows us to significantly reduce delivery times that support spikes in demand.

Finished Goods
We currently provide both VMI and finished goods programs for our customers. Although these go against the grain of a traditional manufacturing experience the benefits to the customer have proven to be significant. We continue to identify manufacturing issues and create solutions to meet the needs and challenges of our customers.

Based on customer requirements, our team of experienced buyers are positioned to help in the sourcing of cost-effective alternate suppliers. Our broad network of sources throughout the world enables us to eliminate many material constraints creating solutions that materialize into cost savings for our customers