Wesco offers decades of experience in the stamping, and diecasting industries, our team gained unrivaled knowledge of how to master your needs. We want you to enjoy our extensive capability and comprehensive supply chain with our one stop shop. Wesco provides metal stamping, die casting, extrusions and injection molding.

  • Metals
  • Die Casting: Zamak, Aluminum
  • Stamping: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Galvanized Plate
  • Tooling: Single Stroke, Progressive, Fine Blanking, Aluminium, Zamak, Injection Mould, Overmould
  • Extrusions:  107,000 sq feet of manufacturing space with 300 employees.  Work with all variants of aluminum alloy including 6061,6063,6463,5052
  • Metal Enclosures
  • CNC Machining

Chinfong & Seyi Taiwan Servo Press

25T ~ 300T 63 Stations

Japan Toyo & Toshiba Casting Station

125T 2 Stations
250T 1 Station
350T 2 Stations

Japan HISHINUMA Stations

25 T 2 Stations
50T 3 Stations
100T 1 Station
160T 1 Station
200T 1 Station


1 Station

Kawasaki Collaborated Robotic Arms

6 Sets