Plastic Injection

Wesco is experienced in plastics injection and fabrication. With state of the art equipment like Plastics Injection machines, Robotic Arm Machines, and High Frequency Plastic Welding Machine, we can handle materials such as PPS, PE, PP, PA, PMMA, PBT, ABS, POM, PET and LCP. We can process materials in thickness from .008" thick to 0.787" with Mass of 0.002 lb to 0.352 lb.

  • Single Stroke
  • Progressive
  • Fine Blanking
  • Aluminum
  • Zamak
  • Injection mould
  • Over Mould

Japan HISHINUMA Stations

25 T 2 Stations
50T 3 Stations
100T 1 Station
160T 1 Station
200T 1 Station

5 Sets

2 Stations

Plastic Injection Machine

FAUNC Injection Machine
JSW Vertical Injection Machine
Haitian Injection Machine
Haitian Double Injection Machine

Measuring Equipment

Measuring Microscope
Measuring Machine
Height Gauge
Height Gauge