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As a provider of electronic contract manufacturing services we pride ourselves on being a customer service orientated organization first.  With a manufacturing facility in Nogales, Mexico and support operations based in Phoenix, Arizona we are able to combine low cost manufacturing with the best service in the industry.  By offering first rate engineering support, climate controlled inventory management, finished good programs as well as dedicated account management personnel we truly believe that we provide the best manufacturing experience you will find anywhere.


For a brief overview of our capabilities we encourage you to explore this site.  If you have questions or would like a quote please visit the contact us page and either a local representative or head office account manager will be in touch within 24 hours.

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Electronic Contract Manufacturing

  • 17,000 square feet of manufacturing space
  • 2 surface mount lines
  • 4 thru-hole lines
  • automated axial and radial component insertion and manual insertion with wave or hand soldering
  • 4 wave solder machines, both RoHS and non RoHS
  • Full product (box) build
  • Full functional test at the sub-assembly level and final product build
  • Test automation and data collection
  • 9 full time engineers providing design, test, process and quality engineering services
  • ISO compliance
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Sheet Metal and Machining

  • 15,000 square feet of manufacturing space
  • Provide high mix, low to mid volume sheet metal and machining
  • There are 4 engineers on staff. They do engineering associated with product improvement, machine programming, manufacturing processes and quoting.
  • In the sheet metal area we have 2 Amada punches, an eight axis Amada brake, TIG and MIG welding, PEM nut/stud insertion, stud weld application, spot welding, powder coating, silk screening and product assembly.
  • In the machining area we have six 3 axis CNC mills, four CNC lathes, 2 Bridgeport CNC mills and manual mills and lathes
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Manufacturing Image
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Value Add Programs

Inventory Management

Unlike many traditional off-shore manufacturing companies our focus is to support demand and not ship unwanted finished goods. By leveraging our large component spend we are successfully managing several programs for customers in which we stock long lead-time items to significantly reduce delivery times to support spikes in demand.

Finished Goods

We are currently providing both VMI and finished goods programs for our customers. These go against the grain of a traditional manufacturing experience however the benefits to the customer have proven to be significant.


Using our team of experienced buyers we are glad to help in the sourcing of cost effective alternate suppliers should it be required by the customer. With a broad range of sources throughout the world we have been able to eliminate many material constraints to the benefit of our customer base.

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Contacting WESCO
If you have questions or would like a quote please fill out the form below and either a local representative or head office account manager will be in touch within 24 hours.
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